The Equipment you NEED for Brush Calligraphy.

1. Round Watercolour Brushes | 2. Black Indian Ink | 3. Injet/Laser Printer Paper | 4. Watercolour Palette | 5. Mixed Media Paper | 6. Plastic Palette | 7. Plastic Pipettes | 8. Collapsable Water Cup | 9. Gold Ink

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  1. Round Watercolour Brushes - simply the larger the brush, the larger the wording. Small work needed to be done? Use a smaller brush...
  2. Black Indian Ink - waterproof, great for doing simply brush lettering and then once dry applying a watercolour wash over the top.
  3. Printer Paper - great for practicing, also super white. Great for work that is to be painted and scanned in.
  4. Watercolour Palette - taking your brush calligraphy to the next level, mix your watercolours up with plenty of water to make sure you don't run out of that AMAZING newly mixed colour.
  5. Mixed Media Paper Pad - has a fantastic absorbency and texture. Best for a more experienced calligrapher, due to the 'texture'.
  6. Plastic Palette - needed for mixing colours or ink - water ratios, needs some depth, to enable a decent amount of media to mixed.
  7. Pipettes - great for grabbing water to mix your watercolour or ink.
  8. Collapsable Water Cup - perfect for brush calligraphy on the go!
  9. Gold Ink - Great for creating something extra special. Try some gold ink on black or blue card.

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