Illustrator Training 3 hours

Illustrator Training 3 hours


A 3 hour training session, with you or your team. Going over the fundamentals of illustrator. Each session will be tailor made to each business, making sure you learn the techniques that will benefit your business or self the best.

Yourself or your team must have access to a laptop/computer with at least an Adobe Illustrator trial on.

Serving Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and some of Staffordshire. I can either travel to yourself or place of business within the above mentioned areas. Enquiring is necessary regarding distance to travel by myself, if outside of the above mentioned areas, you may travel into the area in which we can find a suitable place to do our training.

Please Note: Cancellations or reschedules are only available up to and including 7 days prior to original arranged date of training.

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