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Our Story

We here at Miss Sammie Designs, like nothing more that a chat, so let's chat about some future work and make your business work for YOU?

We love creativity and with 8+ years within the industry, we love to bring you the most up to date trends, key design secrets and make your brand work for YOU!

We believe in not over complicating the process, when it comes to branding your business. This is a huge leap you maybe taking, and we understand this time needs to be dealt with honesty & integrity.


Why Us?

When a business comes to Miss Sammie Designs, they are coming for our true diversification of services no matter what stage their business is at currently. Logo designs, concept-to-shelf product packaging, social media branding and advertising are just some of the services we provide, as well as shop displays and store front designs, seasonal promotional wares and business stationery, all whilst allowing you to stay at one with your business. We are there for you from concept to ongoing branding requirements.

Skills Set & Services Provided:

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Design and Development

  • Idea Development

  • Font development and design

  • Colour and Trend Forecast

  • Adobe creative suite training

  • Creative consultancy

  • Web Design



Working to a budget?

The why not think about using our pre designed logos, branding or graphics.

Click through for prices, details and more...